Mali Strengthens Military with Combat Aircraft and Drones from Russia and Turkey

On Thursday, the Mali military authorities received combat aircraft from Russia, as well as several drones from Turkey, according to media reports.

And Agence France Presse reported that Mali Air Force Commander General Alo Boy Diarra said Mali had received about 20 aircraft and 12 drones during a ceremony attended by the head of the country’s military council, Colonel Asimi Gita. , as well as Russian and Turkish diplomats.

Mali previously received similar military equipment in January, March and August last year.

Thursday’s latest delivery included more Albatros L-39s, which are intended for training but can also be used as ground attack aircraft.

As for the Turkish Bayraktar drones, they are capable of performing reconnaissance and surveillance tasks.

Malian Defense Minister Colonel Sadio Camara said the marches could help improve the accuracy of artillery and air strikes.

This West African country has been facing an uprising of extremist organizations since 2012 in light of the political and humanitarian crisis.

Source: AFP.

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