Major Intelligence Operation Unveiled as Tehran and Tel Aviv Battle it Out in Istanbul

Israeli media have revealed details of the so-called “intelligence war” that took place between Israel and Iran in the Turkish city of Istanbul last year.

According to Ilana Dayan, host of the Hebrew Channel 12 Reality program, the events of this “war” refer to the city in the summer of 2022, “when groups associated with the Iranian mission tried to locate Israeli tourists in Istanbul, and there was a lengthy process investigations.” 3 weeks to try and save as many Israelis as possible who have been targeted by Iranian intelligence.”

Dayan added in her report: “This incident occurred during what can be considered the peak of heat in Turkish-Israeli relations last June, and that these tourists were rescued at the last moment as members of the Israeli National Security Service. The Council has noticed signs that Iran is planning a major operation, in particular the fact that Istanbul is full of Israeli tourists who will at some point become a legitimate target for anyone who plans to attack them.

Dayan said, quoting Yossi Adler, the head of the Israel Security Council’s intelligence department who was at the forefront of groups that worked to prevent a meeting between Iranian elements and Israeli tourists, that “information available to the security service indicates that the Iranian Elements have begun looking for Israelis.” in Istanbul and follow their favorite activities and destinations.

Adler stressed that despite his 35 years of security work, the summer of 2022 was a very sensitive event as he was tasked with finding the Iranians in Istanbul.

For his part, Zohar Balti, a senior Israeli Mossad official, said: “Turkey is the number one transit country in the world and any Iranian activist who needs to travel to Europe will do so via Turkey, and members of the assassination squad who arrived in Turkey were stationed around the city of Istanbul, and they deliberately monitored hotels frequented by Israelis, identified those who spoke Hebrew, wandered among the five hotels frequented by Israelis, and collected intelligence in restaurants and shopping areas.

He claimed that “one Iranian squad was capable of entering a hotel dining room and spraying it indiscriminately to cause the deaths of dozens of Israelis, which prompted the Israeli Security Council to take a number of countermeasures, the most notable of which were cellular devices ‘telephones’ and we advised the Israelis come back as soon as possible.” As soon as possible, they kept going to Istanbul even after warnings were issued that put them on the Iranians’ radar and prompted them to rush back to their hotel in accordance with instructions from Israeli security officials.

He pointed out that the Marmara Taksim hotel, where Israeli tourists live, has become an arena for collecting Turkish military equipment, placing various checkpoints, and return flights have been booked for all Israeli tourists on board. the first flight bound for Tel Aviv as part of a paramilitary operation, claiming that intelligence had determined that 9 of these tourists had been targeted.

The information, which is being released for the first time, reveals the atmosphere in Israeli security forums following growing warnings about Iran’s attempts to retaliate for Israeli killings in the heart of Tehran.

Source: agencies

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