Mahrez’s phone annoys his subscribers (photo)

A photo posted by Manchester City star Riyad Mahrez sparked controversy between him and his social media followers.

Mahrez posted a photo of him leaving with his team for the US, but his followers noticed that his phone was broken, which they expressed in their comments to the photo.

What increased sports fans’ engagement with photography was the Algerian star’s admission that his phone was broken and his response to commenters: “Yes, I know.”

The image has been widely shared and sarcastic comments from some of the Algerian star’s followers that he has money and that he is a millionaire and might just buy another phone, especially after a contract extension with the club until 2025, which he spent last Friday.

One of the commenters under the photo said: “You have money to buy a new phone,” to which Mahrez sarcastically replied: “I was waiting for an update.”

According to English reports, Mahrez will receive the salary he received under the same old contract, which is 7.3 million euros per season.

And Manchester City have announced that Mahrez will stay for the next three seasons, meaning the Algerian star will stay at the Al Ittihad Stadium castle for the next three seasons.

According to the club’s official website, Mahrez’s new contract expires on 30 June 2025.

The 31-year-old has won three Premier League titles, three League Cups and one FA Cup with City.

Source: twitter/Mahrez22

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