Macron’s talk with Biden about oil from Saudi Arabia and the UAE caused a stir on communication sites

A wide reaction was caused by the video recordings of a side conversation between the presidents of France and the United States, published by the media.

And a video clip appeared in the media showing the moment when French President Emmanuel Macron interrupted the conversation between US President Joe Biden and his adviser Jake Sullivan to inform him (Macron) about his call with the President of the Emirates.

According to the news, which was described as unpleasant, Macron took Biden to Biden to tell him about the problem of increasing oil production:

He said: “I just received a call from the Emirates, Mohammed bin Zayed, and told me that the UAE is at the maximum level of production, while Saudi Arabia can increase production by 150,000 barrels per day and maybe a little more.”

Macron then continued by telling Biden, “And one more thing I want to say about what we will do with Russian oil,” so that Biden’s adviser and his entourage will immediately boycott him and remove him from Macron.

Western reactions on the social network “Twitter” about this have diverged, some of them said that this is another evidence that they did not think before starting a war in Ukraine, and some described the complete loss and complete confusion of the two presidents and the confusion of the West, and others said that if Biden did not act and liberalize and increase energy production in his country or start looking for other sources of oil, then this would undermine America’s position as a world leader.

Some pointed out that the West became aware of the scale of the energy crisis, and as soon as they started talking about Russian oil, the call was interrupted by Biden’s adviser and his associates: “It seems that Macron has finally realized that there is no supermarket with millions of barrels of oil on the shelves, waiting to be bought.”

There was also a backlash in Arab circles as some felt that the clips showed the extent of the great confusion the West is suffering from regarding the oil crisis, with tweets indicating that the call came days before Biden went to Saudi Arabia. and others said that Biden is in a real crisis.

Others criticized Macron’s behavior when Biden asked about his adviser, “Is this your adviser?”

Source: RT

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