Macron: We do not intend to classify Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism and we hope that the conflict will end before the end of 2022

French President Emmanuel Macron said that France does not intend to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism and will leave this to the discretion of the judges of the International Criminal Court.

“The criminal courts, Ukrainian and international justice should shed light on these facts, and we do not need to designate any country with such an approach,” Macron added today, Tuesday, at a press conference from Bavaria after the G7 meetings. commenting on Zelensky’s demands to classify Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

He said he hoped the war in Ukraine would end before the end of the year, stressing that sanctions against Russia would continue to tighten due to its special military operation in Ukraine.

He said: “The time is still far away and the war will not end tomorrow and we cannot expect it to end in the coming weeks or months, but we hope to reach a solution before the end of the year without a Russian victory.” put it down.

He indicated that his country would provide defense assistance to Ukraine, including Caesar cannons, which are defensive assistance that does not include offensive weapons beyond the borders.

On the sanctions imposed on Russia because of the war, the French President said: “We will continue to increase sanctions against Russia, but no sanctions on grain or food.”

And on a proposal to impose a ceiling on Russian oil prices, Macron said: “After leaving the G7 meeting, it cannot be said that the ceiling can be set because the technical mechanism does not exist,” adding: “We must be able to attract others and promote the idea in the coming weeks, and the next step is to apply it to gas.”

He added: “For the success of the mechanism, the coalition must be expanded, and these people agree, set a ceiling and stick to it.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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