Lukashenko: NATO divided the Slavic peoples

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko considered that NATO expansion to the east “will put the Slavic peoples on both sides of the front” and stressed that Ukraine would return to its Slavic family.

“We could not imagine the disappearance of Yugoslavia from the political map, the drowning of the former Soviet space in a series of armed conflicts and the expansion of NATO to the east with the position of the Slavic peoples,” Lukashenka said at the opening of the 31st Slavonic Bazaar art festival in the Belarusian city of Vitebsk on Thursday on opposite sides of the front.

Lukashenko believed that Ukraine was “lost when Ukrainian politicians decided to abandon their Slavic identity.”

He expressed confidence that “Ukraine will return to its family”, and that the Ukrainian language will always be present at the art festival “Slavianski Bazaar”.

He added that “the Slavic spirit will again endure everything and overcome all suffering, and the ideas of goodness, peace and justice will again overcome the West’s attempt to divide us with an iron curtain.”

Source: TASS

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