Lukashenka revealed the place of the next battle for the redivision of the world

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stressed that another confrontation with the redistribution of the world would flare up in Central Asia, noting that “signs of this have appeared.”

On the occasion of the Independence Day of the Republic, he said: “The Americans want hegemony … they want a unipolar world, and whoever raises his head is fired on … the reason lies in the emergence of new relations in the world that call for pluralism.”

He added: “Today there is a struggle not only for our position in the Soviet space. The European part today showed its struggle for Central Asia.”

He continued: “After the protests in Kazakhstan earlier this year, we warned of the danger of destabilizing Uzbekistan. There is something that was not reflected in the constitution. Uzbekistan has begun to act, and today they say that foreigners had a hand in the difficult situation there.”

He added: “Central Asia, like us, is caught between two fires… on the one hand, Europeans and Americans, and on the other hand, China, which helps Central Asia a lot to survive.”

He emphasized that “the next battle will be in Central Asia soon, and there are signs that … the world will be divided.”

Source: “News”

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