Lukashenka instructed to trade with the European Union even under sanctions

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stressed the need to continue working with the EU market even in the face of Western sanctions.

“In no case should we leave the European Union. This is our closest neighbor, I think that half of our work there is for export. We need to work with them. The madness of politicians is already fading into the background,” Lukashenka said during a speech at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers in Minsk. Work is work”.

Lukashenka called the opinion that Belarus would work exclusively with friendly countries instead of unfriendly countries erroneous.

Lukashenka cited the growing global demand for mineral fertilizers and oil products that Belarus has as an example. The President expressed confidence that the EU partners are also interested in purchasing Belarusian goods.

He said, “Perhaps we are not effective enough in promoting our products in these conditions to those markets. If they need our products, they are also looking for ways to buy. Therefore, they should not be neglected in any way. trade”.

Source: RIA Novosti

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