Lukashenka confirms that Belarus does not fight and does not want to fight in Ukraine

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stressed that Minsk does not want to fight in Ukraine, and there is not a single Belarusian soldier there, while Belarus is being dragged into the conflict.

“I repeat once again, we do not seek to fight in Ukraine. We absolutely do not need this war,” Lukashenka said.

He stressed that “not a single Belarusian soldier is fighting on the territory of Ukraine… I have always been honest in this matter.”

“They are still trying to drag us into the war in Ukraine. One goal is to deal with Russia and Belarus in one move, ”he added.

“They say they are worried, and from Ukraine they say they don’t want Belarusian forces to invade Ukraine through the northern border. But they’ll be happy if we get there. civilian deaths.”

He stressed that “Ukrainian politicians and their president have one policy, which is that the more Ukrainians are killed, the more they cry to the whole world about the atrocities of” fascists “from Russia and Belarus.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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