Luhansk confirms the presence of mercenaries from Poland, Great Britain, France and America in Lisechansk and Zakharova’s comments

Assistant Minister of the Interior of the Luhansk Republic Vitaly Kiselyov said that in Lychansk, in the west of the republic, there are mercenaries from our country and more than 120 British, French and American mercenaries.

Kiselyov, in a statement to the Russian news agency TASS, said that the mercenaries stranded in Lishichansk are trying to enter the Pavlograd region in small groups.

He added: “There are Polish mercenaries, 37 British mercenaries, 21 French and 64 Americans in Lysekhansk, and this information is based on preliminary data from our intelligence and information that we receive from the local population.”

He explained that about 12,000 Ukrainian armed formations are deployed in Lysechansk.

In this context, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Western countries do not want to answer questions from the Russian side about the activities of their mercenaries in Ukraine.

Source: “TASS”

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