Low prices for air tickets in Russia

The results of a study conducted by one of the ticket services indicate that the average cost of air tickets from Russia to Egypt for the coming winter has decreased by 66.5%, and to Turkey – by 46.7% compared to this autumn.

The experts noted: “The biggest change occurred in the prices for trips to the Egyptian resort of Hurghada: air tickets to one of the most popular Egyptian resorts can be bought 66.5% cheaper than in autumn (the average cost of a trip per person is 32 thousand rubles.) The cost of a ticket to Istanbul has almost halved (46.7%), and you can go to one of the most popular cities in Turkey next winter for 18.1 thousand rubles.

Official information indicates that ticket prices to Tel Aviv for the upcoming winter season decreased by 45.5%, to 30.2 thousand rubles, and to Ankara – by 40.4%, or to 34.1 thousand rubles. The prices for trips to Dubai also decreased – by 37.7%, to 32.3 thousand rubles, to Yerevan – by 33.5%, to 12.5 thousand, in Tbilisi – by 32.9%, to 29. 5 thousand rubles and to Bishkek – by 23%, up to 29.5 thousand rubles. 15.3 thousand rubles


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