Lock her in the bathroom of the nightclub. Details of the case of Elvis, accused of sexual assault

Today, Sunday, new details of the case of Brazilian player Dani Alves, who is in prison on charges of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old girl, appeared in Spanish press reports.

The Barcelona City Police arrested Dani Alves after the judge’s decision to jail him, as he was transferred directly to the Brans 1 prison in Sant Esteve Cezerovers.

The Spanish newspaper Marca reported: “The girl claimed that Elvis locked her in the bathroom of a nightclub on the night of December 30 last year for a quarter of an hour, and also attacked and slapped her.

The former Barcelona player who played with his country in the 2022 World Cup is in Bryans prison in Barcelona.

After the accident, the victim was taken to the Clinique de Barcelona hospital, where a medical examination was carried out, according to Marca.

And the Catalan television “TV3” indicated that Alves presented three different accounts, where first he said that he did not know the girl, then he said that he had seen her, but nothing happened, and, finally, he stated that the girl rushed at him.

Dani Alves, 39, spent a few days on vacation in the province of Catalonia after participating in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with the Brazilian national team, where he became the oldest player to play for the Selesão at the World Cup. final before returning to his current club Pumas Onam, Mexico, who will join from July 2022.

After Alves was sent to prison, the president of the Mexican club Pumas, in which the Brazilian played, announced the termination of the right-back contract, saying: “We cannot allow anyone’s behavior to damage the club’s business philosophy.”

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