"little lover" Signs with UFC Unlimited Fighting Championship

Famous blogger Khasabulla Mammadov, better known as “Saghir Khabib”, has signed a five-year contract with the UFC Unlimited Fighting Championship.

According to a source cited by TASS, he said: “Hasaballah signed a five-year contract with the UFC Unlimited Fighting Championship, which includes tournament attendance, public relations and media interaction,” stressing that the cost of the contract is “very high.” attractive.”

Hassaballah is considered one of the most famous faces in the world of mixed martial arts, with his videos reaching millions of views on the Tik Tok and Instagram apps, and in recent years he has become a social media star. that Magomedov is not a professional fighter, but attended the UFC-Abu Dhabi championship in 2021 at the invitation of the president of the organization, Dana White.

Khasballah is from Dagestan, 20 years old, but he looks like a five-year-old child, 93 cm tall and weighing 18 kg, as he suffers from a genetic disease that gives him a childish appearance, and numerous presses. reports confirmed that he was suffering from a growth hormone deficiency.

Source: TASS

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