List of the best players in Algeria.. Thierry Henry ignores Riyad Mahrez

Former Arsenal and French football star Thierry Henry believes Algerian international Riyad Mahrez is not one of the top three players in Algerian history.

Henry appeared in the video accompanied by an Algerian and chose the 3 best players in the history of Algeria, saying: “Ali Ben Arabia, Lakhdar Bellumi, Zidane and more.”

Thierry Henry was referring to Zidane, the former Algerian national team star Jamal Zidane, who is considered one of the historical players for Algerian fans, as he is one of the participants in the famous Gijón epic and victory over Germany with two goals to one goal in 1982.

Thierry Henry, the current star of the Algerian national team, ignored Manchester City striker Riyad Mahrez despite his contribution to his country’s 2019 Africa Cup of Nations victory.

Riyad Mahrez angered the Greens fans in an unprecedented way for his absence from the team’s last training camp, this month, and also did not participate in the matches of Uganda, Tanzania and Iran due to an injury that did not convince Algerian public opinion, despite confirmation by Greens coach Jamal Belmadi and striker Islam Soleimani that Mahrez can’t play.

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