Libya announces the resumption of oil exports after a months-long hiatus

Libya has resumed oil exports after a months-long hiatus and the dismissal of the head of the Libyan National Oil Company.

The new leadership of the National Oil Corporation said that the oil tanker Matala, under the flag of Malta, has docked in the port of Sidra to load one million barrels of crude oil. She added that the ship would then head to Italy.

The other two tankers, the Marshall Islands-flagged Nisos Sifnos and the Liberian-flagged Crodimid, are scheduled to load 1.6 million barrels from the Zuetina and Ras Lanuf fields, according to the National Oil Corporation.

And last week, the National Oil Corporation lifted a force majeure declared in April on several oil facilities after tribal leaders allied with General Khalifa Haftar shut them down.

And Tripoli Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Dabaiba last week announced the dismissal of Mustafa Sanalla, head of the National Oil Corporation. Farhat bin Kadara, a former Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, has been appointed head of a major oil company.

Sanalla rejected the move and said the Dabaiba government lacked legitimacy.

Libya is currently run by two rival administrations: the government of Dabaiba in Tripoli and the government of Fathi Bashaghi, who was appointed by the country’s eastern parliament in February and is now based in the city of Sirte.

Source: AP

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