Lebanon "Does not work"

An open strike by employees of the Lebanese Telecommunications Authority “Ogero”, which began on Tuesday, led to the failure of a number of telecommunications switches, which means the interruption of communications and Internet services.

The Ogero Workers and Employees Union has announced an open strike starting Tuesday morning with no visits to workplaces and the suspension of all work, services and all repairs without exception for any sector throughout Lebanon. until further notice.

It looks like this strike will not end soon as the Executive Board of the Augero Syndicate yesterday Thursday decided to continue the strike to achieve their demands while the Lebanese are suffering from disruption in communication with paralyzing work in a large number of exchanges, as well as the suspension of cellular and terrestrial communication, Internet maintenance and repair work. According to the Al-Akhbar newspaper, the attack also resulted in the partial disruption of the telephone tapping center of the Army Intelligence Technical Section.

Hamra, Ras al-Nabeh, Mazra, Sidon, Al-Nahr, Beiteddine, Damour and Nabatiyah stock exchanges have been out of business since yesterday morning, while other exchanges are expected to close within several hours. threatening to completely cut off the Internet and communications.

In addition, in the Bint Jbeil region in the south of the country, landlines and DSL Internet service stopped due to the strike on the one hand and the depletion of diesel fuel on the other.

This strike affected the work of the Lebanese Red Cross, which announced that the toll-free emergency number in the south was not working due to the suspension of the Ogero ATC.

Meanwhile, the Empress’ Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Association said, “Lifeline 1564 is currently out of service due to a technical failure of the telecommunications company.”

Alfa Telecom apologized to its “subscribers in the south for interruptions in the operation of the Internet and communication services, which were beyond its control due to failures in the Ogero network. She is following up on this issue with stakeholders.”

Twitter commented on Twitter: “Which Ogero employees’ demands were correct and I’m with them, but this is not acceptable in the country when an employee cuts off 4 million sons of Adam…”

Source: RT

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