Lebanese Minister: We are preparing to announce international tenders for the creation of tourist facilities in Naqoura

Lebanese Interim Government Works Minister Ali Hamia said the government intends to “restore the last inch” of the railway tunnel in Naqoura and announce international tenders to build tourist facilities in the area.

Speaking at the door of the Ras al-Bayada tunnel in Naqoura, the minister noted: “We are on Lebanese soil under Lebanese sovereignty and we are part of our relentless drive to activate the ministry’s utilities. and increase government revenues and optimal investment per square meter of your property, especially if it is in a tourist area.” It is located in Naqoura.

Hamia explained, “We did a survey of the railway tunnel, which was built during World War II in 1942, and found that it is 695 meters long and has an area of ​​1,800 square meters around it. sea ​​ropeway.

The minister pointed out that Israel occupies most of the tunnel, which “we must restore as it belongs to the Lebanese Ministry of Works.”

Source: Lebanese Bulletin.

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