Lebanese Hezbollah’s Associated 13 Internet Domains Seized by the US

The US Department of Justice announced Thursday that US authorities have confiscated 13 Internet domains used by partners, companies and charities associated with the Lebanese Hezbollah.

And according to the Associated Press, among the 13 domains confiscated are several websites of the Al-Manar TV channel affiliated with Hezbollah, as well as websites of its dignitaries, including Deputy Secretary General Naeem. Qassem and two high-ranking officials Ibrahim Al-Sayed and Ali Damush, in addition to affiliated charities such as the Martyrs’ Foundation and the Imdad Islamic Charitable Committee, as the websites are no longer accessible and only an image from US authorities appears. claiming to have confiscated the domain (domain).

While the main site address “Al-Manar”, which is a Lebanese domain, still works.

For his part, FBI Assistant Director Robert R. Wells said in a statement: “This forfeiture demonstrates the FBI’s persistence in using all of our tools to bring terrorists and their affiliates to justice when they violate the laws of the United States,” he said. .

He added: “The FBI, along with our international partners, will continue to search for these individuals involved in the malicious activities of the Lebanese Hezbollah and ensure they are brought to justice, no matter where and how they hide.”

It is worth noting that Washington has classified the Lebanese Hezbollah as a “terrorist” organization and has imposed sanctions on its members, partners, companies and charities affiliated with it over the past years.

Source: “AB”

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