Lebanese Energy Minister Blames America for Hindering Solutions to Electricity and Gas Crisis with Allies

The Minister of Energy of the interim government of Lebanon, Walid Fayyad, revealed the reasons why his country cannot receive gas from Egypt and electricity from Jordan, and which country is preventing this.

In an interview with The Cradle website, Fayyad explained: “Before my appointment as Minister of Energy, I met with former President Michel Aoun. He told me that the power outage crisis in Lebanon would finally be resolved and that the World Bank was ready for a project to bring electricity and gas from Egypt and Jordan to Lebanon.” In Beirut, I announced something similar before,” noting: “I thought that such an Arab strategic project with American support was a logical way out of the crisis.”

He added: “This is a very logical decision. Relations with Syria are historical and deep. As for Egypt, it is a major Arab country that always seeks to strengthen Arab relations”, showing that “the main obstacle is related to the passage of gas and electricity through Syria, which gives it the right to charge transit fees.” So we agreed with Damascus and informed the US and the World Bank that Syria would not charge a financial fee, but instead would receive 8 percent of the gas that would pass through its territory, and the Americans did not object to this.

He said he drafted the proposal “in a way that suits all parties and was approved by the US Ambassador to Beirut and the US presidential envoy for energy affairs, Amos Hochstein, and they gave preliminary approval, and they said that the project does not violate sanctions laws , because it does not include the payment of money to Syria”, stating that “the Americans claim that the World Bank is an obstacle to implementation, but I know that they are key partners and they are the ones who influence the situation.”

Fayyad said: “I see no interest in the delay for the Americans or the Lebanese parties that support the course towards the West. On the contrary, I believe that the westward course is in a state of constant population decline,” expressing my conviction. that “if there is an American intention, we will be able to introduce gas within 3 days.” and electricity to Lebanon.

Asked if the United States is preventing Lebanon from cooperating with its friends on energy supplies, Fayyad said: “Yes, with regard to the Iranian proposal, it was clear. With regard to Egypt, the United States has shown its cooperation strongly since August 2021 , but Egypt needs written American guarantees. To date, these guarantees have not been received.

Source: Cradle

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