Lebanese Astrologer’s New Predictions Cause Panic: More Falling Objects from Space Expected

After his predictions appeared on information websites and news pages after the devastating earthquake in Turkey, Lebanese astrologer Michel Hayek released a series of new earthquake predictions.

And about earthquakes and tremors, Michel Hayek predicted in an interview with the program “a lot happened”: “

– The tremors caused Earth X to break, which led to a change in the map of earthquakes and the bowels of the earth, and we will witness earthquakes on new lines.

– Equations related to earthquakes will change, and talk about the breathing of the earth after the earthquake in Turkey is just talk and “this is a wake-up call.”

“We will be witnessing shocks on land and at sea in our region, some of which will not be like what was before, and their effects will be larger, and they will affect distant places, and aftershocks will be strong, and small shocks will be” settle things.”

– There will be 31 earthquakes in the region in addition to what he called “the shaking of the horizon of the personal Dutch world.”

– We will witness “planet choice” factors of strange natural phenomena, such as the appearance of a new type of winter that we have not seen before in long days and its fall in the form of ropes and stones, floods, eclipses and the acceleration of eclipses, the fall of objects from space, as the planet is being renewed as if it were being created anew.

Commenting on these expectations, one Twitter account said: “According to Michel Hayek, I mean we are living our last days.”

Another commented: “My family missed Michel Hayek when we slept tonight.”

Source: MTV+RT

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