Le Pen: Macron and French Society in Total Disruption

The leader of the right-wing Rally National party in the French parliament, Marine Le Pen, has declared a complete rupture between President Emmanuel Macron and the French people.

Le Pen said: “Macron can no longer leave the Élysée without angering the people he refuses to listen to and respect, their will. And it was he who created this anger and chaos. Today, there has been a complete break between Macron and the French. .”

She pointed out that democracy consists in respecting the opinion of the people, and France today is democratically bankrupt because the will of the people, as she put it, is not respected.

She added: “Emmanuel Macron is losing popularity because he does not respect the will of the people. If people say they don’t want this reform, it should be put in a box!”

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