Lavrov pleads with the US to refrain from meddling in Sudan’s affairs resulting in division

The Russian Foreign Minister confirmed that both sides of the conflict in Sudan should negotiate with each other, since “there is nothing good in geopolitical engineering”, reminding the Americans that it was they who divided Sudan with their interventions.

Lavrov said: “Do you remember how the Sudanese state developed? At first it was a single state, then Sudan and South Sudan appeared. All this happened before our very eyes, when our American colleagues included the partition of Sudan among their priorities. the initiators of this divorce were supposed to help the two new states coexist and develop the economy and ensure the well-being of their citizens, but the Americans, who announced the imposition of sanctions on the leadership of Sudan and South Sudan, did not like something.

He added: “We recommend drawing the most important takeaway from the current Sudanese crisis. Let’s not interfere between the Africans and leave them to negotiate among themselves. Let’s not add problems to them by solving our own problems and imposing certain demands on them from abroad, which is not in the interests of their countries.”

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