Lavrov cites proverb about French rooster to comment on Macron’s actions

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed confidence that French President Macron can understand his own powerlessness and feel dependent on the United States of America, but can do nothing.

This happened in an interview with Sergei Lavrov on the Tsargrad channel, where he continued: “It’s like they say that the cock crow doesn’t bring the morning,” indicating that he thinks Emmanuel Macron is uncomfortable in Europe. dependence on the United States of America, and his desire for European independence from their policies, and this is his “honor and praise”, but he could not do anything about it.

Lavrov continued in his speech that Russia would no longer rely on the West as a partner with a minimum level of negotiations, but at the same time, Russia “will work with the rest of the world.”

Lavrov also noted that the West, even before the Russian military operation in Ukraine, was engaged exclusively in protecting the Kyiv regime, and not in diplomacy.

The Russian Foreign Minister stressed that the West continues to escalate the situation in Ukraine in order to eliminate Russia in its own interests, ”pointing out that the decline in industrialization in Europe is proceeding at an enormous pace due to sanctions against Russia, and US intervention in the economies of the EU countries, where African and Latin American countries are now complaining that the West “weared them down” with its demands to join the anti-Russian sanctions.

Source: Izvestia

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