Lavrov accuses US of using Europe to finance war in Ukraine and back Zelensky’s alleged Nazi regime

Lavrov: Africa does not want to return to the era of colonialism and seeks to exploit its resources for its own benefit

Lavrov: If the West claims to support democracy, it must accept other views and positions of other countries, but seeks to impose its will on others.

Lavrov: US ambassadors should not interfere in the affairs of other countries

Lavrov: We do not accept the rules that Washington seeks to impose on the international community instead of international laws

Lavrov: We do not accept the existence on our borders of a hostile regime whose methods are similar to those of the Nazi regime known to the world in the last century.

Lavrov: We explain and explain our position on what is happening to our partners, and the West dictates its position to other countries and threatens them

Lavrov: Negotiations with the President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mozambique were fruitful and constructive

Lavrov: We appreciate the independent and balanced position of Mozambique on the Ukrainian conflict

Lavrov: We will provide Mozambique with military equipment and support to fight terrorist threats

Lavrov: The upcoming Russia-Africa summit will provide opportunities for business cooperation between companies and businessmen from Russia and Africa

Gonzalez: We appreciate the role of Russia in the fight against terrorism and the resolution of crises on the African continent

Gonzalez: We welcome the development of cooperation relations on a mutually beneficial basis

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