Lavrentiev: We call on Turkish partners to exercise restraint in order to prevent further escalation in Syria

Russian Presidential Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev said that Russia calls on Turkish partners to show restraint in order to prevent further escalation in Syria.

Lavrentyev said at the start of the 19th round of Syria talks in Astana: “We call on our Turkish colleagues to show restraint in order to prevent an escalation of tension not only in the north and northeast of Syria, but in all Syrian territories. .”

He stressed the need to continue working in cooperation with all concerned parties to try to find a peaceful solution to the “Kurdish issue”.

The Russian diplomat said that Turkey did not inform Russia in advance about its air operations in Syria and Iraq, adding that the issue would be discussed during the meeting in Astana.

He explained: “We are trying to convince our Turkish partners of the need to avoid the use of excessive force on Syrian territory.”

He added that Russia still believes that the mechanism for delivering humanitarian aid to Syria across the border is outdated, checking: “Of course, we will talk with our partners about the operation of the cross-border mechanism for delivering humanitarian aid. In Russia, they still believe that this mechanism is outdated and should be abandoned.”

He also stressed that the West is trying to use the Syrian dossier as one of the elements of the confrontation with Russia, expressing confidence that the withdrawal of US troops from Syria will help stabilize the situation.

He added that there is still no information about the date and place of the meeting of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, which indicates that Russia considers it possible to reach an agreement on this matter.

Source: News + TASS

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