Largest French newspaper’s personnel expelled from an African country

The editors of Le Monde and Libération announced today, Sunday, that the correspondents of two French newspapers in Burkina Faso were expelled from that country on Saturday evening, calling the measure “arbitrary” and “unacceptable.”

Le Monde wrote on its website: “Our Burkina Faso correspondent Sophie Doss has just been expelled from the country (…) at the same time as her Liberation colleague Agnès Vivre.”

For its part, Liberation said: “The punishment has come and brought with it confirmation that freedom of the press in Burkina Faso is under serious threat,” explaining that its correspondent and colleague from Le Monde arrived “on Sunday morning in Paris “. “

And on Monday, the ruling military junta in Burkina Faso suspended France 24 television in the country after it aired an interview with an al-Qaeda leader in North Africa.

In early December, the military junta in the West African country suspended Radio France Internationale (RFI), which and France 24 belong to the same media group, accusing the station of broadcasting a “frightening message” attributed to a “terrorist leader.”

Both RFI and France 24 have been suspended in neighboring Mali, which, like Burkina Faso, is fighting “jihadist” groups.

On February 19, the Burkina Faso Army announced the end of French Saber Force operations in the country, 3 weeks after the transitional government denounced the defense agreements linking the two countries.

Source: AFP.

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