Large Shipment of American Weapons Confiscated in Southern Iran: Chief Judge Reveals

Large Shipment of American Weapons Confiscated in Southern Iran

The chief judge of Hormozgan province in southern Iran, Mojtaba Ghahramani, announced the confiscation of a large shipment of American weapons and riot tools from a buoy in the country’s southern waters.

Mojtaba Ghahramani’s Statement

Mojtaba Ghahramani said: “In coordination with the head of the judicial department of the Khmer port, and as a result of the monitoring and efforts of Iranian intelligence forces, a large consignment of weapons and specialized tools was confiscated upon entry to incite American chaos and unrest. water boundaries in southern Iran.”

Details of the Confiscation

The head of the Hormozgan Judiciary indicated that the above-mentioned consignment was placed on a buoy, explaining: “The intelligence forces, having learned of the transfer of this large consignment of weapons, including more than 6,000 American-made stun devices, and which are used to incite chaos and unrest, with the aim of carrying out an operation to seizure of this cargo.”

He added: “As a result of extensive intelligence work, the cargo in question was tracked and intercepted from the moment it was loaded on the other side of the country’s border, and once it entered Iranian waters, it was identified and confiscated in the vicinity of the Khmer port.”

Arrests Made

He explained: “In this regard, two people were arrested and detained pending criminal warrants, as well as other people who are agents and members of the network and whose actions are subject to full intelligence control.”

Purpose of the Weapons

Ghahramani noted: “Initial investigations and reports from related parties indicate that this batch of weapons was prepared and transported into the country to cause chaos in the coming days.”

Source: Mehr News Agency.

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