Laporta responds to Tebas over controversy over Barcelona’s payments to vice chairman of refereeing committee

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has reacted sharply to the controversial statements of Spanish Football League president Javier Tebas, accusing him of “fabricating a campaign against Barcelona”.

Laporta’s attack on Tebas comes after the latter said Laporta should resign “unless he explains his position” over the scandal over the Catalan club’s payment of money to a company owned by the former vice-chairman of the Committee for Technical Arbitration in Spain . .

Tebas said on Monday that Laporta should resign if he cannot explain Barcelona’s payment of seven million euros between 2001 and 2018 to a company owned by former vice president of the technical arbitration committee, José María Henriques Negrera.

Laporta responded from the Camp Nou and said at a press conference on Tuesday: “Tebas is fabricating a campaign against Barcelona and against me. He has dropped his mask. He continues his obsession with Barcelona and his fear of our club.”

He added: “I remember that this is a man who has shown his hatred towards Barcelona in the past. In 2005, while vice-president of Alaves, he filed a complaint because he didn’t want Messi to play for Barcelona.

Laporta continued his attack: “He does not forgive us that we did not want to sign their contract with the CVC (investment fund), which he himself manages (Tepas). He cannot accept the fact that we support the European Super League. This is his usual business. way.”

And he continued: “I will not give Tebas the pleasure of resigning as president of FC Barcelona. This decision is made by Socios (members-shareholders of the club). Anyone who tries to tarnish the history and image of FC Barcelona will get a harsh response.”

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