Lapid swears there will be no nuclear Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid and US President Joe Biden discussed ending Iran’s nuclear program and creating a coalition of moderate countries in the Middle East, promising that there would be no nuclear Iran.

During the meeting, Lapid said, “We also talked about Saudi Arabia and Biden’s trip there, which is very important for Israel to try to build a more moderate alliance here in the Middle East, which has been needed for a long time.” time.”

He added: “We discussed the Iranian threat and what we think is the right thing to do to make sure, and that’s what we share, which is that there will be no nuclear Iran. This is not only a threat to Israel, but to the whole world. And we discussed some other issues that we won’t reveal.”

In turn, Biden said, “We talked about the importance, from my point of view, for Israel to fully integrate into the region and complete its integration,” emphasizing that “the vast majority of the American public, not just my administration, is completely dedicated to the security of Israel, without any doubts”.

Source: The Times of Israel.

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