Lapid responded to Netanyahu: I will not take democracy lessons from someone who runs a foreign-funded poisonous machine

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid wrote on Facebook on Friday, responding to a tweet by Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Mr. Netanyahu, I will not take democracy lessons from you,” Lapid said.

He added: “I do not learn democracy from a man who runs a foreign-funded poisonous machine that engages in slander and defamation of the lowest kind. It is not with those who stood on the steps of judgment and instigated the rule of law. .. Not from whoever currently appointed a convicted terrorist accomplice as Secretary of Homeland Security, but a convicted criminal as Minister.” According to the Interior Ministry, no one has ever broken every promise he made and even his partners admit it.

Netanyahu had previously said: “I have been chosen to lead the State of Israel, and I intend to do so in the spirit of the patriotic and democratic principles that I grew up in my father’s house and that have guided me all my life. “

He added: “Labid’s behavior is dangerous and damaging to democracy. We must exclude the Israeli army from any political discussion. It is definitely unacceptable for senior officers to rebel against an Israeli government that has won the trust of the people. It crossed the red line. .”

He continued, “Even when we were in opposition, we never rebelled against the Israeli government.”

Netanyahu urged the opposition to “act responsibly” and continued: “We have one state, one army and one people, and we must not harm them. Likewise, I reject false accusations against us. The Israeli government under my leadership will protect the rights of all Israeli citizens and will act from a position of confidence, mutual and national responsibility, as we have done in all governments under my leadership.”

He added: “I will lead the Israeli government in accordance with the national and democratic principles that have guided me throughout my life and through which I will work to secure and improve the lives of all Israeli citizens without exception.”

Netanyahu echoed what he said this week in an interview with US media: “Whoever leads politics will first and foremost be the prime minister.”

Source: RT + Hebrew media

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