Lapid "mourns" Israeli police dog

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid complained about the dog “Zili” from the Yamam squad (a highly trained Israeli paramilitary unit of the Israeli border police).

Yesterday, Tuesday, an Israeli police dog named Zelli was killed in a shootout in the West Bank, which Yair Lapid commented in a statement saying, “Zile was part of the unit and is appreciated and he is also a professional. The unit will miss him, the dog handlers and the policemen who accompanied them on numerous missions.

In a statement to i24NEWS, security specialist Matthias Inbar explained: “The Yamam Unit is the only unit in Israel capable of training, developing, training and maintaining police dogs…were considered fighters, like the elite police doves.

He continued: “Fighters and animals go hand in hand and work together, there is a professional and emotional connection.”

Source: “I24”

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