Lapid: Discussion with Biden will focus on Iran, while Israel retains freedom of action against its nuclear program

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid spoke about US President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel, stressing that the “discussion of issues” between the two sides “will focus primarily on the Iranian issue.”

At the start of the government meeting, Yair Lapid said, “This visit (Biden’s visit to Israel) will look at both challenges and opportunities. The discussion of the problems will focus primarily on the problem of Iran. Yesterday he said that Iran is enriching uranium with the help of modern centrifuges, in complete violation of the agreements you signed.

Lapid added: “The international response must be decisive… to return to the UN Security Council and activate the sanctions mechanism in full force. For its part, Israel reserves a free hand, both diplomatic and practical, in the war against Iran’s nuclear program.”

And the Israeli Prime Minister continued: “This is an opportunity to once again thank the United States for not lifting the sanctions on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Iran is behind the Lebanese Hezbollah and supports Hamas and Iranian terrorist cells. recently tried to kill Israeli tourists in Istanbul.”

He continued: “Israel will not sit idly by while Iran tries to attack us. Our security services know how to contact anyone, anywhere, and they will do just that. We will discuss with the President (Biden) and his team the expansion of cooperation in the field of security against all. threats.”

Source: RT

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