Lapid, commenting on the American request after the assassination of Shirin Abu Akle: No one dictates instructions to shoot us

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said “nobody dictates shooting instructions to us” in response to US pressure to change the rules of engagement following the killing of Palestinian journalist Shirin Abu Akle.

Lapid, in a statement at a graduation ceremony for naval officers at the Haifa naval base, rejected American attempts to pressure Israel to revise military rules of engagement after the Israeli army concluded that “there is a high probability that a fighter jet in it was the Israeli army who shot the journalist Shirin Abu “of sound mind”.

“We are hearing calls to prosecute IDF soldiers” after the assassination of Abu Akila, Lapid said, “I hear calls to change our rules of engagement,” noting that “Israel has expressed regret over her death. It was a tragedy that occurred during an incident in which heavy enemy fire broke out.

He emphasized that “the IDF never deliberately shoots innocents. We are committed to freedom of the press and some of the strictest rules of engagement in the world,” adding, “But to be clear, I will not allow a soldier in the IDF to be held accountable for protecting himself from terrorist fire in order to receive applause from around the world.” “.

“We will not allow our rules of engagement to be dictated to us as we fight for our lives. Our soldiers have the full support of the Israeli government and the people of Israel,” Lapid said.

On Tuesday, Deputy State Department spokesman Vidant Patel said the United States “will continue to pressure Israel to carefully review its policies and practices regarding rules of engagement and consider additional steps to reduce the risk of harm to civilians, protect journalists, and prevent such tragedies. in future.”

Source: RT

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