Kyiv’s external pressure situation is at its worst, Advisor warns ex-president of Ukraine

Oleg Soskin, an adviser to the ex-president of Ukraine, said that things with Kiev are moving according to the worst-case scenario due to increasing external pressure on him to start negotiations with Russia to resolve the conflict.

“The situation is very bad for Ukraine,” Soskin said on his YouTube channel.

“There are a growing number of leaders in the world who want a ceasefire on the front line between Ukraine and Russia,” he added.

It is noteworthy that earlier the Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic, Yana Chernukhova, said that “it does not matter much who can negotiate to achieve peace in Ukraine, whether it be the West or countries close to Russia.”

The Washington Post reported last December that the West was considering the worst-case scenario for a conflict in Ukraine over damage to the country’s power grid.

Source: RT

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