Kyiv: Shortage of Missiles Hampers Soviet Air Defense Systems

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that Kyiv was suffering from a shortage of missiles needed for Soviet air defense systems and that his country needed Western air defense systems.

In an interview with the RBC-Ukraine newspaper, Reznikov added: “We have Soviet (air defense) systems where the stocks of missiles necessary for them are exhausted. If they are not produced in our country and are available only in countries from which we cannot obtain them, then we must Update them with something other than? Western air defense systems. A preliminary decision has already been made what kind of complexes these are, and now we need to increase their number and the number of missiles for them.

The Wall Street Journal previously cited leaked Pentagon documents that Ukraine could be without missiles for Buk air defense systems by April 13, and without missiles for S-300 systems by May 3, leading to about 40 vital facilities in Ukraine will remain without air cover.

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