Kyiv reports that it has engaged a defender "howitzer" Modern German

Ukraine announced on Tuesday that it has deployed an advanced German artillery system as a final step to use the long-range weapons promised by the West that the West and NATO have long demanded.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov thanked his German counterpart Christina Lambrecht, writing on social media: “The Panzerhaupitz 2000 has finally become part of the Ukrainian 155mm howitzer arsenal.”

Germany confirmed last month that it would send seven self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine as part of an intensification of heavy weapons shipments to help Kyiv counter a Russian military operation.

The German army is armed with about 100 S2000 howitzers, but only 40 of them are combat-ready.

The United States, France and Ukraine’s other allies have pledged to provide Kyiv with more heavy weapons, with supplies expected to arrive in Ukraine this month from Washington.

The West has sent weapons to Ukraine to help it, but Kyiv is complaining that it has received only a fraction of what it needs and is demanding heavier weapons.

Source: AFP

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