Kyiv is Allegedly Planning a Chlorine Provocation in Kherson, Claims Undercover Activist

An activist from the Russian Kherson organization reported that the authorities of the part that is still under the control of Kyiv forces in the Russian city of Kherson are preparing to provoke chlorine at the city bus station, blaming Russian forces.

The activist stated in a video interview: “According to our information, the Nazis brought barrels of chlorine to the area of ​​the city’s bus station and mined them on the order of the criminals of the so-called military administration of the city.” blow them up and accuse the Russian forces of a vile provocation.

He added that activists of the Russian Kherson organization continue to find Ukrainian forces and equipment in Kherson and transfer their coordinates to the Russian army for their destruction.

He said: “Russian Kherson is checking information about the deployment of the 124th regional defense brigade in the village of Sadovo. According to the coordinates we have, it is located on Naberezhnaya Street. Also known are the coordinates of the warehouse of enemy military equipment. According to our information, units of the 126th brigade are in the village of Nikolskoye.

Activists in the city of Kherson announced in early April the creation of the Russian Kherson movement, which is actively engaged in providing the Russian army with the coordinates of the locations and concentration of Kyiv forces in the territories that are still under Ukrainian control in the region.

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