Kyiv dog’s barking continues, says Medvedev

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev emphasized the need to achieve the complete defeat of the Kyiv regime and its main figures because of the statements about the “return” of the Crimea.

Medvedev wrote on his Telegram page today, on Saturday: “The Kiev dog continues to bark: firstly, it calls for supplying it with more weapons so that there are fewer victims, and secondly, it calls for the return of Crimea. Thirdly, it confirms that now it is better to support Ukraine in order to prevent the threat of a third world war from growing … There can be only one answer to this: the complete defeat of the enemy, the final overthrow of the Nazi regime. in Kyiv, the complete demilitarization of the entire territory of the former Ukraine, repressions against key figures of the Nazi regime, wherever they were, and without a statute of limitations.

He pointed out that the importance of such statements should not be underestimated, describing them as “a hysterical statement by the Kiev regime in order to unite the Nazi elite, maintain the morale of the troops and gain new support from its financiers.”

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