Kushner reveals details of his meeting with Saudi delegation led by Fahd bin Abdullah Tunsi

Jared Kushner, son-in-law and adviser to former US President Donald Trump, revealed details of his meeting with a Saudi delegation led by Fahd bin Abdullah Tunsi, chairman of the board of directors of the National Center for Public Institutions Performance Measurement.

In his recently published memoir, Destroying History, Kushner recounted a meeting in New York he had with a Saudi delegation led by Fahd bin Abdullah Tunsi, a previously appointed advisor to the Saudi royal court, saying: “When Flynn, Bannon and I met in New York with a small Saudi delegation led by Dr. Fahd bin Abdullah Tunsi, they explained that they had a tense dynamic with former President Barack Obama regarding his positions on a number of issues in the region, including Syria, ISIS, Iran and Yemen .

“They (the Saudis) were excited to start a new and hopefully more productive relationship with our administration,” Kushner said. “Bannon and I were tough.”

He added: “We told the Saudis that they need to stop financing terrorism, improve their record on women’s rights, pay for their military and start taking steps towards working with Israel. We are committed to making real progress towards these goals.” “Fahd assured us that change is happening and that we will be surprised by the reforms they have planned. The kingdom has a new young leader, Mohammed bin Salman, known as MBS, who wanted to change Saudi Arabia?” They will come back with a plan to show how we can make progress together.”

Source: CNN

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