Kremlin Condemns EU Proposal to Deploy Peacekeeping Forces in Ukraine as Risky Move

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on the possibility of EU countries discussing sending “peacekeeping forces” to Ukraine, which they had previously avoided.

Peskov added in a press statement today, Friday: “Discussion of the possibility of deploying peacekeeping forces in Ukraine is a very serious matter.”

Peskov continued: “This is a very important statement, attention has been drawn to it, and if there are any serious negotiations, then most likely there will be a very serious discussion. As is known, such forces on the world stage (in practice), as a rule, are used. With the consent of both parties, in this case it is likely to be a very serious matter.”

Earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that the EU countries were close to discussing the issue that they had previously avoided bringing “peacekeeping forces” to Ukraine: “We are close to the fact that at the talks of European leaders it has become legitimate to discuss whether countries can EU members to send troops in the form of peacekeepers (to Ukraine) or better not to send them.

He pointed out that there was a dispute a year ago about the possibility of sending lethal weapons to Ukraine, adding that “Hungary then said no and now says the same thing, and Western countries also hesitated. Now this is not a question, and the question now is only in tanks, or in the number of aircraft. “Either in missiles containing uranium-containing elements, or in forces.”

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