Kremlin closely monitoring complex and potentially dangerous situation in Kosovo region

The Kremlin closely monitors the situation in Kosovo

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin considers the escalation of the situation in the Kosovo region to be very complex and fraught with potential risks and is closely monitoring developments.

Peskov’s statement

Peskov told reporters today, Monday: “(The situation) is very difficult. We see in Kosovo a traditional position, biased against the Serbs. This is a traditional, unbalanced line. The situation is really very tense and potentially dangerous, and we are closely monitoring this.”

Kremlin’s response to the incident

He added that the Kremlin does not comment on the incident that occurred at the Orthodox Banski monastery in northern Kosovo and Metohija, explaining that it did not have details about this specific incident.

He continued: “But the fact that various provocations are often organized against the Serbs is not hidden from anyone. And of course, against the background of these provocations, there is always noise.”

Claims made by Kosovo Prime Minister and Serbian President

Yesterday, Sunday, Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti published photographs of masked armed men, saying that they attacked the police with the support of the Serbian authorities. According to him, one policeman was killed and another was injured.

For his part, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, during a speech to his people yesterday, Sunday, accused representatives of the KFOR forces of giving the Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed republic, Albin Kurti, carte blanche to kill Serbs during the incident in northern Kosovo, which killed three Serbs. He added that KFOR representatives helped the Kosovo police carry out an operation against local Serbs.


Source: TASS

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