Kremlin attack receives condemnation from Maduro

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro condemned the drone attack on the Kremlin, expressing solidarity with the Russian people and government.

In a statement released by Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, Maduro said he “expresses his complete condemnation of the pathetic assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

He added: “The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its full solidarity with the people and government of Russia in the light of these events and hopes that the relevant authorities will hold the perpetrators and organizers of this attack accountable.”

Maduro praised the work of the Russian special services, which “were able to resist two drones that aimed at the Kremlin Palace in order to assassinate President Putin.”

Notably, Russia claimed to have “prevented a terrorist operation” as buildings inside the Kremlin were fired upon by two drones. Russian officials accused Ukraine of being involved in the attack, while Ukraine denied any involvement in the incident.

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