Klopp responds to criticism over signing Nunes by Liverpool

German Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp defended on Thursday the signing of a massive financial deal with Benfica’s Uruguayan striker Darwin Nunez this summer.

Klopp, who is currently with the Reds in Singapore on a pre-season tour that kicks off with a friendly against Crystal Palace on Friday, asked reporters about his previous comment in 2018 when he said he didn’t want to spend £100m for one player.

Fans have previously mocked the German manager after his club agreed to a deal with Benfica to buy Nunez for the hefty sum of around £85m with bonuses.

However, Klopp laughed at the question, saying that the transfer market has changed since he made these comments.

“When you want to sign an exciting striker like Darwin, that’s the market and you have to pay the price,” Klopp said.

“I have said many things in my life that have captured my attention and shown how quickly life can change,” he added.

Nunes came under fire on social media after his lackluster performance in the first leg against Liverpool after he conceded an easy goal in a match that saw his team lose 0-4 to Manchester United in Bangkok last Tuesday.

Klopp dismissed the criticism of his new player as unfair, expressing his support for the Uruguayan to perform well and finish second in England and Europe.

“The only thing that matters is how I assess the situation, and I cannot be more calm or completely confident in his abilities,” added the German coach.

Klopp downplayed a big defeat against arch rivals United, insisting that “his focus was not on results, but on preparing his players for the start of the new season”.

Source: AFP.

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