Klopp is outraged by the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

German coach Jurgen Klopp has confirmed he was pissed when he had to talk about the date of the Qatar 2022 World Cup ahead of the start of the new English Premier League season.

Liverpool, led by Klopp, will start their new season (2022-2023) in the Premier League tomorrow Saturday against their guest Fulham who are back in the spotlight.

Klopp said during the Fulham press conference when asked if the new season will still be a long marathon or two sprints thanks to the World Cup: “The second part is definitely not a race of speed because we are playing the first leg. after the championship on 26 December and the end of the season. In May, this is not a race, I understand the question well, but I don’t see a real answer.”

“I haven’t heard anyone talk about it like it’s a race that needs to be prepared differently, we will prepare for it like we usually do every season.”

The German coach explained: “If all the players get a break, it’s not a problem, it will be good, because it will be like the winter break that often happens in Germany and we are dealing with it well. , but there are other players who will play at the World Cup for a long time, for example, those who have qualified for the semi-finals and have a rest in a week, why not involve all parties and federations in discussing this issue and finding solutions?

“At first I wasn’t angry about all these things, but now I just talk about these things and it makes me so angry,” he added.

He explained, “My problem is that everyone knows that the dates and schedule for the season are wrong, but no one talks about it enough, something has to change.”

He continued: “International Federation, European Union, England or the English Premier League, please have a conference with each other once, where the most important topic to discuss is the most important part of the game, and they are the players.”

Klopp concluded his speech by saying: “The World Cup is being held on the wrong date for the wrong reasons.”

Notably, Liverpool ended last season in second place in the Premier League rankings, losing the league on the last round to Manchester City, and also losing the Champions League final to Real Madrid, while winning the League Cup and FA Cup, and the season has begun. The current winner of the Charity Shield Cup at the expense of Manchester City.

Source: agencies

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