Kissinger outlined 3 possible scenarios for the end of the conflict in Ukraine

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger outlined 3 possible scenarios for ending the conflict in Ukraine.

A retired American diplomat told Spectator magazine: “If Russia stops there, it will capture 20% of Ukraine, most of the Donbass, the main industrial areas and agriculture. and part of the land on the Black Sea coast. And if she stops. Then it will be a victory for her.”

He added: “NATO’s role (in that case) will not be as important as it was thought in the past.”

He added that the second scenario is an attempt to “expel” Russia from the territories it seized during the military operation, including Crimea.

If hostilities continue, “the risk of (the West) entering into direct war with Russia will increase.”

He pointed out that the third scenario is a return to what it was before February 24, adding that in this case, Ukraine will be rearmed, and it will be closely associated with NATO or may become a member of the alliance in the future.

He added that this scenario assumes that the conflict will be frozen for a certain period.

Source: TASS

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