Kindergarten bombed as a result of an air strike on the capital of the Ethiopian province of Tigray

Ethiopian television Tigray reported that on Friday afternoon, government forces launched an airstrike on a kindergarten in the region, resulting in deaths and injuries.

And Tigray TV, citing eyewitnesses, said the attack happened around 13:00 local time on Friday and hit a kindergarten called Red Kids Paradise in Tigray’s capital, Mikli.

Television broadcast graphic images of children and adults whose bodies had been mutilated in the attack.

Tigray officials have yet to announce the number of dead and injured, but city hospital director Yder Kimrom Gebrselassie said on Twitter that two children were among the four dead.

“More casualties are arriving… the total number of casualties at the moment in our hospital is 13 people,” he added.

Ethiopia’s state news agency said in a statement that the government would act by striking at the military, which is a source of anti-peace sentiment from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

He advised the tigers to stay away from military equipment and educational facilities used by the tiger forces.

The news of the kindergarten raid comes amid renewed fighting between Central Ethiopian forces and Tigray fighters.

The sides exchange accusations of restarting the war early Wednesday morning after hostilities had ceased since June 2021.

Source: AB

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