Kiev’s drone attack on Kremlin constitutes crossing the red line

According to the Chinese newspaper Global Times, Moscow is entitled to “appalling retaliatory measures”, including an attack on government buildings of the Kyiv regime.

In its editorial, the newspaper notes that Kyiv’s attack on the Kremlin using drones is a red line crossing.

And the editorial said: “This incident is the crossing of a new red line in the Ukrainian crisis. Because for more than a year since the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, neither side has attacked government buildings and headquarters and residences of state leaders.

According to Chinese political scientists, Moscow will take “terrible retaliatory measures”, including attacking government buildings of the Kyiv regime.

And he adds: “Some Chinese experts believe that the drone attack on the Kremlin appears to be connected to Ukrainian extremists who are calling for prolonging the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and forcing top Ukrainian officials to continue the war, although it is possible that these measures supported or even encouraged to implement them.” international dominance.

“In Ukraine, divisions are escalating between those who advocate peace and those who advocate war,” said Wang Xiaoquan of the Institute of Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

According to local experts, “now this is a test of the interest of both sides in continuing the war.”

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