Kherson authorities refuse to recognize "ruler" appointed by Kyiv

The deputy head of the Kherson regional administration, Kirill Strimosov, said that the Kherson region is no longer under the jurisdiction of Ukraine, and any decisions taken by the Kyiv authorities regarding the region will not be implemented in it.

Strimosov added: “All the decisions of the Nazi elite in Kyiv are not decreed by us. These decisions are of a criminal nature. The Kherson region is in fact no longer under the rule of the Nazi elite that came to power in Ukraine.”

He pointed out that the Kherson authorities “in general do not recognize any statements of the Kyiv regime, because this regime exceeded the principle of morality by bombing the area and expressing joy at the destruction and death of civilians.”

Strimosov stressed that “the head of the regional administration”, appointed by Kyiv, “will never set foot in the Kherson region.”

He concluded by saying, “He is a virtual ruler. He’s a puppet.”

Earlier, the representative of the Ukrainian government in the Verkhovna Rada, Taras Melnychuk, said that the Cabinet of Ministers approved the candidacy of Yaroslav Yanushevich for the post of “head” of the administration of the Kherson region.

Source: RIA Novosti

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