Kazakhstan. Villager Finds Innovative Solution to Water Shutoff Problem

A video has been circulated on social networks, in which a villager, accompanied by young children, lies on the ground in the municipal building of the village of Tozdebastau in the Republic of Kazakhstan, in a solution that she missed due to lack of water.

In the video, a woman says: “Today, July 25, at 12 noon on Gorky Street, we (in the village) have had no water for four or five days. At night there was little water, and I stored it. , now nothing. Dishes. She did not wash, and my question to our management: Why should I use wet wipes instead of bathing three children?

The video shows how a woman sat in the corner of a communal room in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan and began to wash clothes in a bucket that she brought with her due to the lack of water in her village.

Source: Telegram

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