Karpov lost to Grischuk "star chess"

Anatoly Karpov lost to Alexander Grischuk in the third and fourth rounds of the Star Championship at the Moscow Open Chess Forum 2022.

Sergey Karyakin defeated Alexander Morozevich in the first round, and the second match ended in a draw.

Teachers will play the fifth and sixth rounds on Tuesday.

Karjakin will play two matches with Karpov and Grischuk with Morozevich.

As for the results of the Russian Women’s Chess Cup, the rating is headed by Bayra Kovanova, who scored 6.5 points.

The leaders of the standings in the Russian Cup among men are: (Vladislav Artemyev, Vadim Zyagintsev, Boris Savchenko, Polina Shuvalova, 6 points each).

Source: matchtv

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